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Carol Charanduk, 

Dr. Charanduk The Art of Dentistry

My husband has been a dentist in Calgary for over 31 years; Dr Gerard Charanduk. Making a marketing video was always an objective for our WP. So we took the plunge and decided to do one with LightScope Films. We never looked back; what a great experience!. Mike and Adee were professional and achieved a final product to market and show the true essence of our office! Each step in the process was smoothly executed to the final step. LightScopes Films integrity was demonstrated from beginning to end. Creating a project takes more than competence it takes the passion to see the final take before you even begin. Use LightScope Films for boosting your business and help take it to the next level; we did. Thanks again LightScope Films.



Wedding Client

Mike and Adee are so amazing! They put in so much work to make sure we had the perfect day. We received our sneak peek photos within 2 days and they are more then I could of ever asked for! I can’t wait to see our video as they put in so much effort. We actually had many of our guests comment how professional they were and how dedicated they were to the video process but weren’t in the way of anything at all. Highly recommend. Also they were extremely patient. We had a pretty big wedding party which sometimes is hard to coordinate but they never got frustrated or impatient with us ever.



Mike Burton Home Team

We were so excited about the idea of doing a business profile video for our Real Estate Team and to try an incorporate the community values along with our teams core business values into the message. We had a lot of content to try and squeeze into a 3 minute message and Lightscope knew exactly how to do it. They were extremely professional through every step from planning the content, the story, the shoot, interacting with our clients and ultimately delivering an incredible product. We still get wonderful compliments regularly from clients about our video...Thank you Lightscope for taking the time to get it right...We can't thank you enough for the amazing work and would highly recommend them to anyone planning a video project.

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Wedding Client

MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Thank you to Adee & Mike & your talented crew for capturing our wedding with both photos & video. From the moment we inquired, LightScope films met with us within a day. This Husband & Wife super duo are so professional & caring, asking all the detailed & important questions. You will fall in love with them! Due to great communication and the talents of Lightscope our day was flawless. Choosing to do their Photo/Video package was the best decision we ever made! LightScope Films were equally as passionate about our day as we were;) The months prior with planning to the delivery of our final product (Photos, Video/USB stick) was a heartfelt meeting. I recommend LightScope Films a million times over for your wedding or promotional dreams.

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