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LightScope Films is founded on PASSION's rediscovery and finding the LOVE for ADVENTURES, whose commitment to capturing emotions and real moments creates a lifetime of memories.


LightScope Films budded a few years back when Mike had tumbled upon his childhood curiosity about how fancy cars' TV ads were made.  From that moment, he re-discovered his love for films.

Since that fateful rediscovery, a creative journey has begun for the husband & wife, Mike and Adee, while continuously exploring the Canadian Rockies together with their two young, vibrant sons.

Since his rediscovery, Mike has been levelling up his craft.  Mike doesn't just create wedding films but also spends time filming corporate, promotional, adventures and other milestone events.  Not to forget, Mike made a variety of photography portfolios of weddings, engagements, business, family adventures & portraits.

Mike's creative visual artistry encompasses both the realms of photography and videography.  As one can say, "Just name it, and Mike has it!"

Mike Loquellano,

Creative Director & Founder 


It's from her 3rd first name, "LIGHT," and from her love of microscope, the name LightScope Films has been coined.


Congenial and gifted with eyes for quality and drama, Adee heads the creativity critique bureau. 

Adee provides all-out support for Mike's passion for capturing timeless moments of families, friends, and valued clients who aspire to LIGHT UP THEIR STORY.

Adee Light Loquellano,

Co-founder & #1 Critic

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