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1st Virtual Canadian Birkie Competition. 1st Longest XC Ski Mileage. 1st Official Blog.

Yahoo! Nothing gets better than these awesome three 1sts and actively celebrating it all along with our son's 8th birthday!

On February 20, 2021 – all these notable highlights happened.

Family photo taken at the Blueberry Hill Lookout showing off our Birkie bibs!

It was only this year we started our family cross-country skiing adventure. And oh, boy! Just couldn't count how much crawling, butt-braking, rolling, and snow-tasting we've undergone in our 123km-skiing challenge so far.

Our birthday boy, Luccio, on his 1st Virtual Canadian Birkie Competition!

Please don't get me wrong, our boys are better skiers than us – it's just their Mom and Dad kinda suck when it comes to downhill, and we both realized that we could be a stunt team, too! We jokingly admit and laugh about it.

The first steep uphill from the Elk Pass parking lot - we did a lot of butt-braking here on our way back (Mom & Dad only)!

We conquered, via Elk Pass - the BLUEBERRY HILL – what a deceitful name. It wasn't a hill but a mountain! The boys even jokingly named it "Blueberry Hell." It was a tough uphill climb – the more we climbed, the more we worry about the next part – the DOWNHILL! As the saying goes, "There is always an uphill for every downhill, and you know what's next!"

Our happy faces after skiing down the Blueberry Hill!

We know that every xc-skiers loves going DOWNHILL, especially our two boys. But only if their parents were experts on it would it have been a different story. But still, the oldies managed the exhilarating descent with a lot of butt-braking, of course!

Turning back from the windy Blueberry Hill Lookout (at 305m elevation) and descending from the deceiving big hill, we were back at the parking lot before we know it! It was a fun and the longest 17km xc-skiing adventure for us. We even beat the 13km challenge that we signed up for. Yahoo!

Never mind those downhill stunt moves – those were still part of the fun and the learning process of HOPEFULLY - no longer using the butt-braking emergency technique!

A short video of our First Virtual Canadian Birkie Competition

For anyone who wants to know what "Birkie" we're blabbing about, this is for you: Virtual Canadian Birkie.

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